●  Contains 30% fresh meat

●  Grain Free

●  Supports intestinal function

●  Helps reduce fecal odor

●  Good for immune system (FOS and MOS)

●  Outstanding palatability



Adult cats are picky eaters. High animal protein levels and tasty fresh meats are the best way to offer highly palatable nutrition. Urinary health, skin and coat condition, digestibility and immune system support are always important for overall health.The high content of fresh chicken in our kibbles and no grains as source of carbohydrates provides outstanding palatability and digestibility.Coenzyme CoQ10, DL-Methionine, Taurine, Spirulina, and other advanced functional ingredients & essential nutrients bring bioavailability and additional well-being benefits.


  • Compositions: Fresh chicken (30%), dehydrated chicken proteins (22%), pea starch, peas, salmon oil (4.5%) (as source of DHA), dried krill (2.5%) (as source of omega-3), dehydrated poultry proteins (8%), dehydrated sardine proteins (2.4%, as natural source of Q10), sunflower oil, cellulose, minerals, FOS (0.1%), yeast cell walls (source of MOS: 54 mg/kg), dried fruits (210 mg/kg) (cranberries, apple, grapefruit,orange, tangerine, bergamot), Yucca schidigera, dried marigold flower, dried herbs (75 mg/kg) (“herbselection”: dried basil, dried agrimony, dried ginger, dried rosemary, dried thyme), dried tomato, dried carrot.

  • Additives: Vitamin A: 18000 IU; Vitamin D3: 1000 IU; Vitamin E: 200 mg; Taurine: 1300 mg.TRACE ELEMENTS: Fe (Iron (II) sulphate monohydrate): 123.2 mg; Zn (Zinc oxide): 120.7 mg; Mn (Manganese (II) oxide): 32.0 mg; Cu (Copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate): 9.2 mg; I (Calcium iodate, anhydrous): 2.0 mg; Se (Sodium selenite): 0.24 mg .AMINO ACIDS: DL-methionine, technically pure: 3000 mg.CONTAINS NATURAL ANTIOXIDANTS

  • Analytical Constituents: Moisture: 9.5%; Crude protein: 40.0%; Crude fat: 17.0%; Crude fibre: 3.6%; Calcium (Ca): 1.0%; Phosphorus (P): 0.8%; Omega-3: 1.7%; Omega 6: 3.8%; DHA: 0.5 EPA: 0.5%; Crude ash: 9.5%.

  • Feeding Instructions: