Mr. Hans Jochen Büngener is the heir to a long tradition in animal health research and pet food development.
Back in the late 19th century, his ancestors developed one of the first specialized pet foods ever available. From then on, the family relentlessly worked to combine tradition and innovation in pet food manufacturing.
As a pet lover, developing and delivering the best nutrition and health products for animals has been a life goal for him.




Hans-J. Büngener first served as CEO of an animal welfare research company at age 24. From the end of the sixties to the end of the century he managed several leading companies in the pet food industry and held managerial positions in key organizations. 

As a continuation of the family legacy, Büngener pet health GmbH was founded to offer families and professionals around the world the knowledge and expertise accumulated during over 100 years of experience in animal health and pet food research & development.


A Branch of the Büngener family established an animal feed factory in the late 19th century. Around 1900, they started producing a hard biscuit made from meat and bone meal, grains and minerals, which was one of the first specifically formulated pet foods available ever. 
delivering the best nutrition and health products for animals has been a life goal for him.
They believed that working dogs (hounds, farm dogs, watchdogs and shepherd) needed not only leftovers, also an additional protein-energy source. The brand soon became recognized in Germany as a convenient and nutritious choice for dog owners. 


In 2000, Mr. Büngener founded his own pet industry consulting firm, passing on his decades of experience and know-how in pet health care and pet food production to other companies around the world. 

The most remarkable professional achievement for him was to preside over the Organizing Committee of INTERZOO (the world′s biggest pet food trade show) which he chaired for over 30 years and still does as honorary chairman. 
1984 Owner and CEO of Dr. Clauder´s GmbH. Leading manufacturer of Dry/Canned food and Health Supplements globally recognized as one of the  best known pet food companies in the world.